Thursday, July 2, 2009

A little improvement

This week's appointment was with Dr. Puder's clinic. Aidyn gained a little weight and length. He's at 7.63 lbs and 20 1/4 inches. We're stll going to keep his oral feeds the same. We will address the weaning of TPN next week with the CAIR team, so he will still get the PN over 24 hours a day. Dr. Puder would like to get Aidyn's vaccines upto date now that his bilirubin levels are going down. He received the Rotovirus vaccine in the office. It is an oral vaccine and Aidyn drank it like a pro. He'll recieve more vaccines next week. Finally the lab results. The levels went down, but not by much. The total bilirubin is now at 7.6, while the direct is at 4.7. We were slightly disappointed it wasn't less than that, but are grateful that it is still going down.

Aidyn's color and eyes continue to improve. Dr. Puder and the nurses are impressed with Aidyn's activity level.

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