Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Ok, I'll start with the bad first. Instead of just coming to the hospital for our weekly clinic visit today, Aidyn ended up being admitted into the hospital. This morning, I noticed his central line site under the dressing was leaking a little Omegaven. I phoned the nurse for a heads up so that when we got to our appointment, whoever needed to see it would be notified. Well, the PN nurse suspected Aidyn's line was leaking from a break in the line somewhere under his chest, and a Fellow surgeon thought it could also be a clot stuck in there. If it's just a clot, a solution could be flushed in to clear it and we'd go home. If it's a break, the line would have to be replaced and Aidyn would spend the night in the hospital. Well, he got admitted and had an x-ray done, Turns out the line had moved. The tip of the line should be near the heart, but it was in his neck. So, that means surgery. An IV was started to get fluids in him, but not before a failed attempts. We have the surgery sometime tomorrow, he'll be squeezed in.

For the good news. Aidyn's direct bilirubin went down to 2.3! Dr. Puder said we can go home!! Joey already bought his ticket for the end of the month, so we'll stay here until Aug. 2nd. It'll give us time to get Home Health set up in Arizona among other things. Yay!

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