Thursday, July 16, 2009

Latest appointments

Aidyn turned 3 months old (or 13 weeks, 7 weeks corrected) on Tuesday. Aidyn is continuing to progress well. Last week he had his CAIR clinic appointment. He weighed in at 7.7 pounds. Several things took place during the appointment. Aidyn was observed being cycled off the TPN for two hours. Initially he was to be observed for one hour, but it turned into two when he needed both a dressing change and ostomy bag change. His blood sugar was tested a half hour after being off TPN and again at an hour off. He did well, so he now cycles off for two hours a day. Aidyn also got his vaccines updated in clinic, four of them. He was exhausted after this appointment. His labs from this appointment showed steady progression. His total was 6.9 and his direct was 4.5. His liver enzymes are still on the high side, but it will come down as the bilirubin comes down. Dr. Puder suggested we wait until Aidyn comes back for his first two month follow up to be reconnected. It will give his liver time to completely normalize and he'll have a smoother recovery. We were a little disappointed to learn we have to wait a few months, but we understand.


He's found his thumb. 7-10-09

Yesterday, Aidyn had his clinic appointment at Dr. Puder's office. He weighed 7.9 pounds. Danielle, the nurse, is very impressed with how good Aidyn is looking. She said Aidyn's gaining weight nicely and is doing very well overall. We decided we would skip the CAIR clinic next week since it is very full and do a regular visit at Dr. Puder's office. We'll have his CAIR clinic appointment the last Thursday of July, when Joey will be here. Well, I saved the best for last. Aidyn's labs came back very well this week. The total bilirubin is 5.3 and the direct is 3.2! A nice jump! We're keeping our fingers crossed that Aidyn and I will get to go home by the end of the month.


Supposed to be napping. 7-11-09


  1. That's GREAT news guys! And you did a wonderful job on this website. As always, we keep Aidny and the family in our prayers. We love you ♥

  2. He certainly is a cutie and looks very alert in his latest photos. We continue to keep you all in our hearts and prayers.
    Rachel & Paul Beard (friends of Cheryl)

  3. We are all praying and pulling for you guys to come home soon. I know how difficult this must be for you to be away for so long and am praying that God gives you what you need to keep it up. We all miss you here and cannot wait to see you soon. Keep up the good work Mom & Aidyn. We love you all!
    Love Heather, Jason, Makenna & Dane


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