Monday, September 21, 2009

We're back in Boston

It’s follow up time already with Dr. Puder and the CAIR clinic. We flew in to Boston Wednesday, September 16th.

Aidyn's always a good baby while flying.
The CAIR appointment was on Thursday. The team was very pleased and excited to see how well Aidyn looked and had grown. He weighed in at 11 pounds 6 ounces. His corrected age put him on the growth chart between 3% - 5% babies his age! And his head put him at 50%. Labs were done with normal results. His dressing to his central line was changed due to some seeping from the skin. It appears he had some sort of allergy to the dressing or the skin disinfectant used when he was in Phoenix Children’s hospital.

Friday was pre-op day. We finalized signatures for anesthesia, finance and had vitals done. This was all for Aidyn’s upcoming surgery he had today.

Waiting for the train to the hospital.
The end of a long day, and still happy.
I changed Aidyn’s ostomy bag one last time yesterday evening. At least I tried. I had to change it again right after I did it. I kept thinking, "Just one more day."

Today, Aidyn did well during surgery to reconnect his small and large intestines. Dr. Puder found the end of colon and took down the stoma. Dr. Puder had to remove a small bit of colon because it was closed and blocked. Since Aidyn’s small intestine is short, he will have watery stools. Dr. Puder checked Aidyn's liver while he had the chance. It was still dark, but soft. A good sign there's no scarring. In time, it should return to a pink color. We have a good feeling Aidyn will recover from surgery nicely. His pain is being managed by morphine or Tylenol and he's resting well for the most part.
In recovery, trying to suck his fingers.
What a big milestone for Aidyn. We hope this reconnection will help his small bowel to adapt better.

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