Friday, September 25, 2009

Waiting to be discharged

We are on day 4 in the at Children’s Hospital Boston. We hope Aidyn will be discharged tomorrow so we can all fly home together on Sunday. Aidyn’s recovery from surgery is amazing. He was on morphine for less than 24 hours and had 3 doses of Tylenol afterward. Yesterday he was starting to be his old self. Not very many smiles, but very curious and awake.

He also started feeds yesterday. He started off with 6 cc’s of unflavored Pedialyte every three hours. Aidyn wasn’t thrilled about the taste. So, at his second feeding , he had grape flavor. Much better. At the fourth feeding, it was changed to Elecare formula. Aidyn sucked it down quick. After a couple Elecare feedings, the amount was increased to 9cc’s. He slept well during the night, despite waking him up to feed. By morning, the doctors agreed to increase the amount, again, to 12 cc’s. This time, he would have 12 cc’s 6 times a day, in order to build up to the 20 cc’s he was having before the surgery. He may not get to 20 cc’s a feeding before discharge, so I will continue to do that at home, as long as he tolerates it the way as he has been doing. Once Aidyn gets up to 20cc’s, we will increase the feeds by 5cc’s weekly and keep in touch with the dietician each week.

Aidyn did have a couple bouts of crying yesterday evening, probably due to cramping or gas. Dr. Puder said it’s like having a bowel movement through a straw. The colon needs to stretch out. Since then, Aidyn’s cries seem to only be related to diaper rash. We are putting a thick barrier on his bottom until his skin gets used to it. He’s doing very well with his bowel movements.

Dr. Puder wasn’t in today, but has been calling in to see how Aidyn’s doing. We are proud of Aidyn. The nurses enjoy having Aidyn as their patient and the doctors are happy with Aidyn’s progress.

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