Monday, October 1, 2012

Summer in Boston

Well, I thought I posted this entry, turns out it was waiting for pictures to be added. Here it is:

June 26th marked the 15th time Aidyn had flown to Boston. He knows about everything when it comes to flying on a plane. He has traveling by air since he was 6 weeks old. Our family of four headed to Boston for another clinic appointment at Children's Hospital Boston. I am still very cautious about germs from the general public even though Aidyn doesn't have his central  line anymore. Each time we board a flight, I whip out my handy antibacterial wipes and wipe anything within arm’s reach.  Using the plane restroom is a task in itself for the average person, imagine bringing in your baby or toddler in, instructing him not to touch a thing so you can wipe all the surfaces before laying him down for a diaper change, or in the case now, getting him to hold on to you while he sits to do his thing during turbulence. Speaking of that, Aidyn did an impressive job at using the commode on the plane, TWICE on the way to Boston and once on the way back. He had dry pull-ups after each landing. 

This time around, we wanted to make a vacation out of the trip. We took advantage of all the miles we had and were able to pay for two tickets at $99 round trip each, one for free and the other at full price. We stayed in Burlington, a suburb of Boston and enjoyed the cooler weather Massachusetts had. It was nearly 100 degrees in Phoenix when we left and a nice, cool 67 degrees when we landed in Boston. It averaged about 85 degrees during the day, perfect. We arrived a couple nights before Aidyn’s appointment to relax and recover from the three hour jet lag. After a day at the Burlington Mall (where "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" was filmed), Aidyn had his first dip in a public pool, the hotel pool. He had fun going in and out of the cold pool, which surprised me because he never likes playing in the splash pads back at home .

Although long, Aidyn’s appointment with the CAIR team the next day went very well. He happily picked out a toy from the gift shop for having had to wait so long and for giving what a lot of blood for lab work. Everyone, the surgeon, nutritionist, GI specialist and nurse practitioner, all agreed that Aidyn was doing quite good. His weight was 27 lbs 12 oz (maybe a little inflated due to him having his clothes on) and it calculated just right for his height. They felt he was actually taking in enough calories for his growth and encourage us to keep doing what we are doing. We found out his Vitamin D results were 26.1 ng/mL and his B12 was 169 pg/mL. Both a bit low. We will continue to give the over the counter Vitamin D3 at 8000 iu/day and retest in a couple months. As for the B12, Aidyn will start B12 injections again.

Dr. Puder's Omegaven nurse came to see us while we waited for the CAIR team. Alexis chatted with us and with a sense of accomplishment she reminded me that Aidyn was one of the youngest babies to receive Omegaven there at Children’s Hospital. You can see the happiness in her face when she looked at Aidyn, seeing how big and healthy he got was remarkable. She let us know that Dr. Puder would love to see Aidyn and had him paged. We just love that man! He looks at Aidyn and without a second thought says he’s doing just fine. He chats with us about this and that, and then tells us of a conference in Phoenix that he will be attending early next year. He was hoping he could see us and we said we would definitely make it work. By then Aidyn will be almost 4 years old and in preschool.

Before coming back home to AZ, we spent a few days relaxing, going to the Museum of Science (which is amazing) and spent an afternoon at Revere Beach. 

It was a very nice trip to Massachusetts this summer. We got to spend a wonderful time together and came back with great reports for Aidyn. Aidyn is due back in another 6 months.

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